About Us

A Life-giving Community

Launched out of Hope Alliance Bethlehem, our church community is made up of Nazareth area residents who want to see the love and freedom of Jesus lived out and making a difference in their neighborhoods. We believe that following Jesus and being part of a church community should be life-giving…not exhausting and legalistic. In short, we’re all about Simply Jesus.

Local Team

In 2016 Pastor Jim Entwistle and his wife Jess and family moved to Nazareth to start the second congregation in the Hope Alliance church network. Pastor Jim and Jess have a passion to see people welcomed in to the family of God, find their identity in Jesus, and spend their lives to love the world around them. That passion has led them to pastor for seven years at another church in New Jersey, to create programs to bless the poor, to equip others to do ministry, to spend a year in the Middle East, and now to lead this congregation in Nazareth.

Guiding Values

Our mission is to model the Kingdom of God and invite people further in to it, whether they have been followers of Jesus for years or are simply curious. We do this by living as a Gospel-centered community, sharing the good news of freedom and full life.

We believe that the following values and priorities set the STAGE for us to live out our local mission:

S / Simple

• Simply Jesus
• We do anything and everything for the glory of Jesus, not the church.
• We want the burden of the Gospel without the busyness of church.

T / Team

• We are servants, not dictators, managers, or CEOs of the local church
• The local church is more than just the pastor or staff so we build accordingly

A / Authentic Relationships

• Authenticity advances the Gospel, religious performance inhibits it.
• Relationship is the pathway to discipleship.

G / Gospel Centered

• Worship Gatherings (link) are for Gospel celebration and teaching
• Community Groups (link) are for Gospel care, prayer, and relationship
• Mission is for Gospel expansion and invitation, near and far

E / Empowered by the Spirit

• The Spirit of God empowers ALL Christ-followers with authority for Godliness and mission
• Praying precedes planning
• The Spirit of God is present and active in the world and we expect his leading/prompting

Hope Alliance:
A multi-congregational church

Believing that true life is only found in Jesus, we want everyone to know and take hold of this life and freedom. So, we have sought to create a structure that provides a path to truly pursue Him. Our multi-congregational church seeks to provide people across the Lehigh Valley with points of connection to the gospel and places to belong with others exploring following Jesus.