About Us

Simply Jesus

At Hope Alliance, Jesus is first. Everything else is second. It’s that simple. We can’t add to or
outdo Jesus. With that in mind, our church’s focus is to keep every aspect of what we do
simply about Him. In order to accomplish this calling, we are committed to four key priorities:

Our Key Priorities

Gospel Saturation

The gospel is God’s story of love and restoration for the world. We believe that being rooted in this story and having it flavor everything we do – big and small – allows us to give and receive grace, find peace, and gain hope for life.

Casual Depth

We embrace a relaxed atmosphere – a setting and structure that are easy to enter and a place where everyone is welcomed and accepted just as they are.  At the same time, we believe that the best things grow deep.  So we pursue depth in faith, teaching and relationships.

Genuine Connections

Too much in life is artificial! Our desire is to see people make a real connection to God and real connections to each other.  We also want to help people connect to their unique, God-given calling so they can pursue it.

Multiplication Mindset

God’s gifts are meant to be shared. With this in mind, our aim is to see people come to embrace Jesus and grow, while investing themselves to make this happen in others as well.  In the same way, we want to see our ministries and even our church reproduced.

Jim and Jess Entwistle

Jim and Jess Entwistle

In 2016 Pastor Jim Entwistle and his wife Jess and family moved to Nazareth to start the second congregation in the Hope Alliance church network. Pastor Jim and Jess have a passion to see people welcomed in to the family of God, find their identity in Jesus, and spend their lives to love the world around them. That passion has led them to pastor for seven years at another church in New Jersey, to create programs to bless the poor, to equip others to do ministry, to spend a year in the Middle East, and now to lead this congregation in Nazareth.

Hope Alliance:
A multi-congregational church

Believing that true life is only found in Jesus, we want everyone to know and take hold of this life and freedom. So, we have sought to create a structure that provides a path to truly pursue Him. Our multi-congregational church seeks to provide people across the Lehigh Valley with points of connection to the gospel and places to belong with others exploring following Jesus.

Part of “The Alliance”

Hope Alliance Church is part of The Christian and Missionary Alliance – a family of over 2,000 churches in the United States and thousands of other churches and church groups in dozens of other countries around the world. The Alliance has a rich history dating back nearly 125 years with a focus on missionary work and a central emphasis on Jesus Christ.