Multiplying the Impact of the Gospel

We believe that the role of the local church is to multiply the impact of the Gospel here and around the world. We do that through the giving of funds and the sending of our community members all over the world. A portion of all giving to the Hope Alliance Network is set aside to support the expansion of the Gospel through Local and Global Mission. Funds are used to care for the poor and hurting among our community and congregations as well as to fund global mission work around the world.


Local Mission

  • We believe that God is at work through various organizations and charities that are a blessing to the Lehigh Valley and region. We do our best to partner with them as often as possible.
  • We also come alongside the poor and hurting among our own church community and local community as needs arise.

Global Mission

  • As a member of a family of churches called the Christian and Missionary Alliance, we give regularly to a fund that supports international workers all over the world who are doing things like planting churches and poverty alleviation.
  • We also support and send our own community workers all over the world as opportunities present themselves.